Duo - Getting Started

Step 1 – Start setup

Visit mfagw.una.edu and login with your UNAPortal username and password. You will then be presented with a Duo authentication prompt.  From there, click Start Setup.


Step 2 – Device type

Let DUO know what kind of device you are registering.


Step 3 – Enter phone number

If you select mobile device, which is recommended, please insert your phone number and check that it is the correct number.


Step 4 – Select phone type


Step 5 – Install Duo mobile on your device


Step 6 – Activate app

Once you’ve installed the app on your smartphone, open the app and activate it by following the on screen prompts. Click Add Account.


Step 7 – Use the built in scanner to activate

Simply hold your phone up to your computer screen. If you are not at a computer, you can click the link to have an activation link emailed to you.


Step 8 – Success

You’ll receive a success message. Click continue.


Step 9 – Set your push prefence

Make sure that the “When I log in” field is set to “Ask me to choose an authentication method.”


Step 10 – Done, you’re ready to use Duo!

You can add multiple devices to your Duo account. Just click the Settings button on the Duo prompt, then Add a New Device. You can register smart phones and cell phones. We recommend adding two devices, so that in the event a user gets a new phone they will still be able to use Duo. Learn more about this, and more on our frequently asked questions page.