Telephone System

The University operates its own telephone system. The university exchange is 256-765-4100. Each campus telephone has a four-digit number, as listed in the University Directory, and calls within the campus are made by dialing the four numbers. 

New employees should seek orientation in the use of the telephone system. Each office must maintain an accurate record of all long-distance calls in order to verify the monthly billings and charge-backs to the cost center.

Users Guides:

How to Fax (2 pages, PDF)

How to Fax using the HP All-in-One

How to Set Up Forwarding on Your UNA Phone (11 pages, PDF)

SoundPoint IP 560 Phone Quick Start Guide (2 pages, PDF)

SoundPoint IP 560 User Guide (108 pages, PDF)

Setup Voicemail to e-Mail Inbox (5 pages, PDF)

Transfer a Call to Another User's Voicemail (4 pages, PDF)


Web Support

Email Support

Phone Support

  • Monday-Friday
  • 8:00 am-4:30 pm
  • (256) 765-4865