Telephone System

Phone System Changes

The University is moving to a new VoIP (telephone) system manufactured by Mitel, as well as changing phone service providers from AT&T to WindStream. Changes to the UNA phone system will take place beginning at 8 am on Friday, July 22nd and continue through the weekend until the project is finished.

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User guides for the new phone system

UNA ITS hosted on-campus training on the new phone system in the days leading up to the system changeover. If you were unable to attend training, check out the Mitel Phone System Training audio recording.

The following guides include Quick Reference Guides as well as full User Guides for each of the different model phones that will be installed on campus. The model number of your new campus phone will be printed above the right corner of the phone's display.

Mitel 5320e:

Mitel 5330e:

Mitel 5360:

NuPoint Voice Mailbox:

FaxFinder Client:

Use the FaxFinder Client to send faxes through the FaxFinder Fax Server. You can send faxes directly from your computer through the client or through applications such as Microsoft Word. Instructions for running the client and sending a fax from your computer begin on page 5 of the following guide:

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to dial to get an outside line?

Nothing. With the VoIP phone system, you simply dial the number as you would with any other phone. For local calls, dial (###) ###-#### and for long distance calls, dial 1 + (###) ###-####.

What is the difference between an Attended Transfer and a Blind Transfer?

In an Attended transfer, the party transferring the call waits on the person at the destination number to answer and then states the nature of the call. In a Blind transfer, the call is transferred without first connecting with the destination number.

To perform a blind transfer:

  1. Press the Transfer button
  2. Enter the 4-digit target extension
  3. Hang up to complete the transfer

To perform an attended transfer:

  1. Press the Transfer button
  2. Enter the 4-digit target extension
  3. When the user answers, announce the caller
  4. Hang up to complete the transfer

To transfer a call directly to another user's voice mail:

  1. Press the Message button (the envelope icon in the middle of the right-hand panel)
  2. Enter the 4-digit target extension
  3. Hang up to complete the transfer

How do I answer another user’s phone from my own?

This is no longer an option on the new phone system. To forward another user’s phone to your desk:

  1. Press the blue Menu key
  2. Select “Call Forwarding” using the button to the left of that option on the display
  3. Enter the number to which you wish to forward the calls
  4. Select “Activate” using the button to the left of that option on the display

Can I check my voicemail from another phone?

Yes. You can check your voicemail from any phone whether it’s on campus or off campus.

From another phone on campus:

  1. Press the Message (envelope) button
  2. Enter: * #### * (where #### is your own extension)
  3. Enter your passcode

From off campus:

  1. Dial your own number
  2. At the start of your greeting, press * (this tells the system the owner is calling)
  3. Enter your passcode

What is the best way to contact VoIP support?

You can email the VoIP support team at

UNA Telephone System Basics

The University operates its own telephone system. The university exchange is 256-765-4100. Each campus telephone has a four-digit number, as listed in the University Directory, and calls within the campus are made by dialing the four numbers. 

New employees should seek orientation in the use of the telephone system. Each office must maintain an accurate record of all long-distance calls in order to verify the monthly billings and charge-backs to the cost center.

Users Guides for phone system to be replaced:

How to Fax (2 pages, PDF)

How to Fax using the HP All-in-One

How to Set Up Forwarding on Your UNA Phone (11 pages, PDF)

SoundPoint IP 560 Phone Quick Start Guide (2 pages, PDF)

SoundPoint IP 560 User Guide (108 pages, PDF)

Setup Voicemail to e-Mail Inbox (5 pages, PDF)

Transfer a Call to Another User's Voicemail (4 pages, PDF)


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