Wireless Connectivity

The University of North Alabama offers free WiFi for all guests, students, alumni and employees.

In order to connect to UNA's wireless network, start by selecting "UNA Start Here" in the list of available networks. Once "UNA Start Here" has been selected, open a browser window and choose either Student/Employee or Guest and follow the prompts to either connect using your UNA Portal username and password or create a guest account. We will be updating this page regularly so check back often for more information.

The University of North Alabama wireless network is equipped to work with the latest Internet browsers (IE, Firefox, etc.).

Guides for Students and Employees:

General Guide for Connecting to Campus Wireless
iPad Guide - Students & Employees
iPhone Guide - Students & Employees
Kindle Fire Guide - Students & Employees
Mac OS X Guide - Students & Employees
Samsung Galaxy Guide - Students & Employees
Surface Tablet Guide - Students & Employees

Guides for UNA Guests:

General Guide for Guest Access to Campus Wireless
iPhone Guide - Guests
Kindle Fire Guide - Guests
Samsung Galaxy Guide - Guests
Surface Tablet Guide - Guests

Web Support

Email Support

Phone Support

  • Monday-Friday
  • 8:00am-4:30pm
  • (256) 765-4865