summer assignments

I am very excited about having the opportunity to teach your child next year. I am looking forward to working together with you to make it a prosperous and wonderful year for your child.

We all like to tell about our summer adventures when school begins. This fall we would like to share with one another where we have been.

When you travel this summer, please send me a postcard, drawing, or letter about your adventures. Please tell the location of your trip, even if it's grandma's house. The cards, letters, pictures, and stories will be collected and shared at the beginning of school. We'll enjoy looking at the places the class has been. The postcards will be displayed on a map. I will return the cards and pictures (drawn or snapshots) to you when we finish with them.

Please send to me:
Ms. Kathy Wallace
114 Twin Oak Dr.
Florence, AL 35633
(or bring them to school in August)

Also, please work with your child on his/her simple addition and subtraction facts. If your child has to stop and count on his/her fingers, they need practice. This will help them tremendously next year in Math.

Also, I will be sending home a reading book for your child to read over the summer. Please have your child read two or three stories a week, and return the book to me in August. Keep a log of story title and dates the stories were read. Your child will be expected to answer questions about the stories in the book when they return to school in August. This will be part of their reading grade the first nine weeks. Also, your child will be tested on the basic sight words at the beginning of the year, so be sure they can read and spell all of them. This will also be part of their reading grade the first nine weeks.

Have a good summer and I look forward to a great year.