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Colbert County People, Homes & Business

P5-07A 6th Street Tuscumbia
P5-07B 6th Street Tuscumbia
P5-08B 6th Street Tuscumbia
P5-17B 6th Street Tuscumbia
P5-17A 6th Street Tuscumbia (Piggly-Wiggly)
P5-28B Baptizing in River
P5-04A2 Barton, Armstead
P5-06A1 Belmont
P5-25B Colbert Theatre
P5-25A3 Confederate Monument in Tuscumbia
P5-14A Early Tuscumbia
P5-14B Edison, Thomas A. at Sheffield Hotel
P5-03A Glencoe Cemetery
P5-06B3 Howard Home -- Minor Hill TN
P5-03B Industrial Village 1919
P5-16B Ivy Green
P5-25A2 Ivy Green
P5-01A3 Ivy Green
P5-05A2 Ivy Green
P5-05B1 Ivy Green
P5-15B Ivy Green
P5-16A Ivy Green
P5-20B Jackson Highway (1920s) (Landrum?)
P5-05A1 Johnson Home in Tuscumbia
P5-05B2 Keller, Helen (age 7)
P5-01A2 Keller, Helen Home (see Ivy Green)
P5-25A1 King Factory in Sheffield
P5-26B King Factory in Sheffield
P5-20A Lago Marsino Ice Plant Sheffield
P5-15A LaGrange College
P5-04B1 Long, Isaac (Landrum?)
P5-23B Map of Muscle Shoals (Scientific Age 1926)
P5-06B Minor Hill TN
P5-06B3 Minor Hill TN -- Howard Home
P5-19B Montgomery Ave, Sheffield
P5-04B3 Montgomery Ave, Sheffield (1972)
P5-02B3 Montgomery Ave, Sheffield (Landrum?)
P5-04B2 Montgomery Ave, Sheffield (Landrum?)
P5-09B Montgomery Ave, Sheffield (Landrum?)
P5-20B Montgomery Ave, Sheffield (Landrum?)
P5-27A Montgomery Ave, Sheffield (Landrum?)
P5-27B Montgomery Ave, Sheffield (Landrum?)
P5-02B2 Morris Service Station
P5-10A Muscle Shoals Police Dept 1919 (Landrum)
P5-21A Nathan, Judge Home
P5-08A North AL Seed Co
P5-06A3 Parshell Hotel in Tuscumbia
P5-23A Service Station Sheffield (Landrum)
P5-14B Sheffield Hotel
P5-28A Sheffield Hotel
P5-24A Sheffield Hotel
P5-21B Southern Railway Shops in Sheffield
P5-10B Stanford Worley Shelter
P5-11A Stanford Worley Shelter
P5-11B Stanford Worley Shelter
P5-12A Stanford Worley Shelter
P5-12B Stanford Worley Shelter
P5-13A Stanford Worley Shelter
P5-02B1 Strand Theatre
P5-18B Trolley (Sheffield to Florence 1920)
P5-19A Tuscumbia Home
P5-06A2 Tuscumbia Springs c1914
P5-13B Tuscumbia Volunteer Fire Dept
P5-22B Tuscumbia Volunteer Fire Dept
P5-04A3 TVA Fertilizer Plant Managers (c. 1945)
P5-09A Union Station Sheffield
P5-18A Veneer Mill Sheffield
P5-01A1 Wilson Dam Reservation
P5-02B1 Winston Home
P5-02A1 Winston Home
P5-02A2 Winston Home
P5-04A1 Winston, Isaac (Landrum?)

(Special thanks to Bob Torbert for indexing photos)

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