My Dear Mrs. Taylor,

I have been asked so many times to describe how it feels to take the Pulitzer prize that I am getting pretty good at the answer.

You feel it coming on early in April...about April first. Acute symptoms break forth in the middle of June, at a period that coincides with the longest day in the year. And you begin to see black spots before your eyes. A lot of doctors diagnose this as malaria, but it is merely the Pulitzer Prize coming on.

(All this is the year before the P.P. is given. We will now have to start in on the actual year the P. P. is given)

But why go into these gristly details, after all it isn't fatal, a lot of writers live through it and come out finally, quite fact that's all we do afterwards...sound.

Best luck for your club meeting,

Please tell Carl Tyree that my Unfinished Cathedral will be out May 16th and I'm looking to him to buy a copy, and I also have another man spotted to buy one. When I make these two deliveries, I'll start a new book.

More luck

T.S. Stribling