T.S. Stribling - Biographical Sketch

1881 - March 4, born in Clifton, Tennessee, the son of Christopher Columbus and Amelia (Waits) Stribling.

1889 - January 21, finished reading Robinson Crusoe.

1890 - Completed primary education at Clifton Masonic Academy.

1898 - Enrolled in Southern Normal School, Huntingdon, Tennessee, graduated 1901.

1900 - Employed as editor of Clifton News.

1902 - Entered Florence Normal; graduated 1903. Worked in law office of George Jones.

1903-04 - Instructor of mathematics and gymnastics at Tuscaloosa High School, Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

1904-05 - Attended the University of Alabama School of Law.

1905 - Admitted to Alabama Bar.

1905-07 - Practiced law as partner in the law office of Emmett O'Neal in Florence, Alabama, and of John T. Ashcraft; Clerk at Ashcraft Fertilizer Works.

1907-08 - Employed as Clerk at the Taylor-Trotwood Magazine in Nashville, Tennessee; contributes two stories to magazine during employment.

1908 - Departed Taylor-Trotwood Magazine for New Orleans; created Sunday School stories at rate of seven per day; lived here for four months, saved eighty dollars - left for Havana, Cuba on February 27, 1909.

1908-16 - Traveled to Cuba, Europe, and South America; writes adventure stories for several U.S. magazines.

1915 - Attended the San Francisco Exposition (The Panama-Pacific International Exposition)

1917 - Employed as journalist for Chattanooga News.

1918 - Stenographer for the Aviation Bureau in Washington, D. C.

1919 - Went to Canada; in Montreal, wrote East is East (published in 1928).

1919 - First novel completed, The Cruise of the Dry Dock.

1921 - Toured Venezuela and other countries of South America. Birthright serialized in Century Magazine, Oct. 1921 to April 1922.

1922 - Birthright published.

1923 - Fombombo published. Originally published in four parts in Adventure Magazine, Aug. to Sept. 1923.

1924 - Red Sand published; Birthright produced as silent film by Micheaux.

1926 - Teeftallow published.

1928 - Collaborated with producer, David Wallace on Rope, a stage dramatization of the novel, Teeftallow; Bright Metal, and East is East are published.

1928 - Feb. 22nd through March 17th, Rope presented in the Biltmore theater.

1929 - Strange Moon and Clues of the Caribbees published.

1930 - September 3rd, married LouElla (Kloss), instructor of piano and violin. Backwater published.

1931 - The Forge published (first novel in Stribling's trilogy of the South).

1932 - The Store published (second novel in Stribling's trilogy of the South).

1933 - Awarded Pulitzer Prize for The Store.

1934 - Unfinished Cathedral published (third novel in Stribling's trilogy of the South).

1934 - Free cruise of West Indies with LouElla, aboard the Lafayette, sister ship of Ile de France; paid for by Travel Magazine.

1935 - Sound Wagon published; served as instructor in the Extension Division of Columbia University.

1936 - Taught "The Technique of the Novel" at Columbia University in the spring.

1938 - These Bars of Flesh published.

1940 - Taught "The Technique of the Novel" in summer. Ten students, including LouElla, who enrolled as Lou Kloss for the purpose of anonymity.

1941 - Commences work on autobiography.

1943 - Toured Mexico; contributed mystery stories to various magazines.

1944-59 - Resided in Florida.

1959-65 - Returned to Clifton, Tennessee.

1965 - July 8th, died in Florence, Alabama, and interred in the Clifton Cemetery, Clifton, Tennessee. Unpublished are the novels Chance, Laura Design on Darkness, Boat of the Sun, and philosophical treatis, The Philosophy of
Yes and No

1982 - Laughing Stock, Stribling's autobiography, is published.

-Compiled by Lindsey Stricklin, based on T.S. Stribling's papers in the Tennessee State Library Archives and Stribling's biography, Laughing Stock.


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