T.S. Stribling - Materials From the UNA Archives

Due to the collection housed in UNA's archives and the role of the University in T.S. Stribling's life, UNA was designated as the first Literary Landmark in Alabama by the Friends of Libraries USA in 2006.

Selected materials from the UNA Archives Collections...

Among the items in the T.S. Stribling Collection are two oil portraits of Stribling and his wife, Lou Ella Stribling, a complete set of his works with some signed first editions, a bowtie that he wore at the Pulitzer Prize banquet and a copy of the Pulitzer Prize Award.

Also included are the following documents which are reprinted here:

"Miss Simpson's Impression Of Him As A Student" - A document written by Nettie Simpson, one of Stribling's teachers at Florence State Normal College (UNA).

Review of The Store from the Flor-Ala (UNA's newspaper)

"Apology to Florence" - A reprint of an article that Stribling wrote for Wings magazine on why he chose Florence for the setting of his novel Unfinished Cathedral.

A letter to Mrs. R.F. Ridley, Tuscumbia, Alabama from Stribling, February 13, 1933, discussing his life and his works

A letter to Mrs. Taylor from Stribling on winning the Pulitzer Prize

A letter to Mr. Fuller, Principal of Mt. Hope High School from Stribling declining to collaborate on a biography of himself

New York Times Obituary, July 9, 1965

Funeral service program from the Middle Tennessee Funeral Home, July 9, 1965

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