W.C. Handy - Compositions, Arrangements and Books

Compositions, Arrangements and Books*

By W.C. Handy

1907 In the Cotton Fields of Dixie (words by Harry H. Pace)
1909 Mister Crump (unpublished in original form)
1912 The Memphis Blues, or, Mister Crump (instrumental.; republished 1913 with words by George A. Norton
1913 The Jogo Blues (instrumental)
The Girl You Never Met (words by Harry H. Pace)
1914 The St. Louis Blues
The Yellow Dog Rag (title changed to Yellow Dog Blues)
1915 Joe Turner Blues
Hail to the Spirit of Freedom (march)
The Hesitating Blues
Shoeboot's Serenade
1916 Old Miss (instrumental, 1918; words with J. Russel Robinson)
In The Land Where Cotton Is King (words by Harry H. Pace)
Aframerican Hymn (also for military band, mixed chorus and male chorus)
1917 Beale Street (title changed to Beale Street Blues)
Thinking of Thee (words by Harry H. Pace)
The Hooking Cow Blues (words by Douglass Williams)
1918 Keep The Love Ties Binding (with J.P. Schofield)
The Kaiser's Got The Blues (words by Dorner C. Browne)
No Name Waltz (with Charles Hillman)
1919 Though We're Miles Apart (words by J. Russel Robinson, music with Charles Hillman)
1920 Long Gone (from Bowling Green) (words by Chris Smith)
The Rough Rocky Road (spiritual)
1921 Loveless Love
Aunt Hagar's Children Blues (instrumental; 1922; words by J. Tim Brymn)
1922 John Henry Blues
Ape Mister Eddie
Sounding Brass and Tinkling Cymbals
1923 Darktown Reveille (words by Walter Hirsch, music with Chris Smith)
Harlem Blues
Sundown Blues
1924 Atlanta Blues (Make Me One Pallet on Your Floor) (words by Dave Elman)
The Basement Blues
I'm Drinking From A Fountain That Never Runs Dry (spiritual)
The Chicago Gouge
The Gouge of Armour Avenue
1926 Friendless Blues (words by Mercedes Gilbert)
Blue Gummed Blues (words by Dave Elman)
Goin' to See My Sarah (folk song)
Blues: An Anthology (book, with introduction and notes by Abbe Niles)
1927 Golden Brown Blues (words by Langston Hughes)
The Birth of Jazz (words by Henry Troy, music with Chris Smith)
Give Me Jesus (spiritual)
The White Man Said 'Twas So, So It Must Be So (words by Chris Smith)
Let Us Cheer the Weary Traveler (spiritual)
1928 I've Heard of a City Called Heaven (spiritual)
Who's That Man? (words by Agnes Castleton, music with Spencer Williams)
1929 Wall Street Blues (words by Margaret Gregory)
1930 Somebody's Wrong About Dis Bible (spiritual; words by Arthur J. Neale)
Go Down, Moses (spiritual, for pipe organ, military band and two pianos.
1931 Stand on the Rock a Little Longer (spiritual)
Chantez Les Bas (Sing 'Em Low)
We'll Go On and Serve the Lord (spiritual)
1932 Way Down South Where The Blues Began
Opportunity (words by Walter Malone)
1933 In That Great Gettin' Up Morning (spiritual)
I'll Be There In The Morning (spiritual)
1934 Mozambique (words by Arthur Porter)
Annie Love
1935 Negrita (with D'Arteaga)
Negro Authors And Composers of the United States (book)
Vesuvius (words by Andy Razaf)
I'll Never Turn Back No More (spiritual)
'Tis the Old Ship of Zion (spiritual)
The Bridgegroom has Done Come (spiritual)
1936 The Good Lord Sent Me You (words by Elsie and Stella Francis)
Nobody Knows The Trouble I See (spiritual)
1937 East St. Louis
I'm Telling You in Front (words by Andy Razaf, music with Russell Wooding)
Stand on That Sea of Glass (spiritual)
1938 W.C. Handy's Collection of Negro Spirituals (book)
Beale Street Serenade (with Gene Van Ormer and Porter Grainger)
I've Just Come From The Fountain (spiritual)
My Lord's Writing All the Time (spiritual)
Room Enough (spiritual)
Been a Listening All de Day Long (spiritual)
You Better Mind (spiritual)
Get Right, Church (spiritual)
See The Sign of the Judgement (spiritual)
Children, You Will Be Called On (spiritual)
I Want To Be Ready (spiritual)
Gospel Train (spiritual)
The Rocks and the Mountains (spiritual)
Sunday Morning Band (spiritual)
Turn Back Pharaoh's Army (spiritual)
Judgement Day Is Rolling Around (spiritual)
Rise, Shine, For Thy Light Is a-Coming (spiritual)
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot ((spiritual)
Keep Me From Sinking Down (spiritual)
One Found Worthy (spiritual)
Jesus Goin' a Make Up My Dying Bed (spiritual)
1940 Black Patti (Sissieretta Jones) (with Chris Smith and Henry Troy)
Finis (a tribute to Richard B. Harrison; with Andy Razaf)
Remembered (impressions of Florence Mills; with Olive Lewis Handy and Joe Jordan)
The Temple of Music (a tribute to Robert T. Motts; with Joe Jordan)
The Memphis Blues, or, Mister Crump (new arrangement with lyrics by J. Russel Robinson)

* Reprinted from Father Of The Blues, Sidgwick and Jackson, 1957

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