William Lindsey McDonald - Books

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Paths in the Brier Patch (1979)*

History of the First United Methodist Church, Florence, Alabama, 1822 - 1984 (1983)*

The Old North Field (1986)*

Lore of the River: The Shoals of Long Ago (1989)*

Sweetwater: The Story of East Florence (1989)*

The Story of Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital (1989)*

Sweetwater Yesteryears (1990)*

Beginnings…of the University of North Alabama: The Story of Florence Wesleyan University (1991)*

The Legacy of Our Lindseys (1993)

The McDonalds: Early Settlers and Descendents 1834 - 1994 (1994)

A Walk Through the Past: People and Places of Florence and Lauderdale County, Alabama (1997)*

The Heritage of American Methodism (1999; with Kenneth C. Kinghorn)*

Following the Vision, 1822 - 21st Century: A History of the First United Methodist Church of Florence, Alabama (2001)*

Remembering Sweetwater: The Mills, The Mansion, The People (2002)*

Civil War Tales of the Tennessee Valley (2003)*

Video Projects

Jackson's Military Road Historic District, Lauderdale County, Alabama (1996)*

Follow the River: A History of Florence and Lauderdale County, Alabama (2004)*

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