William Lindsey McDonald Image Collection

William Lindsey McDonald Image Collection Index (Special thanks to Bob Torbert for organizing and indexing the image collection)

(Number in parentheses indicates number of photos in that collection)

Sample Gallery

5 Colbert County People, Homes & Business (73)
Alphabetical Index
Numerical Index
6 Indian Mound (7)
Muscle Shoals Canal (108)
7 Florence Synodical Female College & Elks Club (15)
University of North Alabama (40)
Bailey Springs (6)
8 Florence Post Office (18)
Florence Wagon Factory (28)
9 Railroads in Shoals (61)
Churches in Shoals (86)
10 U. S. Nitrate Facility
Employee Housing (40)
Support Facilities (16)
11 U. S. Nitrate Facility
Construction (114)
14A Wilson Dam & Powerhouse Construction (232)
14B Wilson Dam & Powerhouse Construction

Copyright Notice

The Collier Library Archives/Special Collections staff is unaware of any copyright in the William Lindsey McDonald image collection. However, there is a narrow possibility that a small number of items may have copyrights associated with them that we or Dr. McDonald were unable to identify. Users are reminded that these materials are provided for educational and scholarly purposes and that reproduction of items beyond that allowed by fair use requires the written permission of the copyright owners. The nature of historical archival collections means that copyright or other information about restrictions may be difficult or even impossible to determine. Whenever possible, the library provides information about copyright owners and restrictions on materials; however, the responsibility for determining the appropriate use of an item ultimately resides with the patron. If you are aware of copyrights associated with any of these materials, please inform the staff.

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