Library Services Ongoing Goals

Ongoing Goals for Collier Library

To fulfill its stated mission Collier Library has adopted 5 goals or continuing processes that serve as the framework for the continuing operation of the library system and guide its planning for the future. These goals, listed below, are interrelated and are of equal and ongoing importance.

1. Access: Through ownership or formal agreements, to provide and support student, faculty, and staff access to information resources, in all appropriate formats, in support of the present and future curricular, research, and service needs of the university community.

2. Information Resources: To acquire, organize, evaluate, and manage library collections in a variety of formats that support the present and emerging curricular programs of the University.

3. User Services: To provide services that promote awareness and effective use of information resources and that guide clientele in the development of lifelong learning skills through formal and informal instruction.

4. Physical Facilities: To offer functional, well maintained facilities, space, and equipment that accommodate access to library resources, facilitate study and learning, promote efficient library operations, and ensure the safety and security of library users, staff, and resources.

5. Organization/Administration: To provide appropriate administrative programs that encourage the systematic planning and evaluation of library operations; that secure adequate financial support and provide effective allocation of personnel and financial resources in fulfilling the library mission; that foster development of a skilled service-oriented staff and encourage professional participation; that promote positive public relations and support fulfillment of the University's mission.

Approved 5/3/04
Reaffirmed 6/06


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