Lion Cam - Leo III & Una

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Watch Una & Leo III Live

Una and Leo III were born November 18, 2002 at a wildlife refuge in New Hampshire. They flew to UNA when they were just 6 weeks old in a Learjet donated by a UNA supporter. They weighed 9 and 10 pounds respectively when they got here.

As of October 2017, Una weighs 320 pounds and Leo III weighs 476 pounds. We celebrate their birthday as close to April 14 as we can, because that’s when Leo I was born.

Local veterinarians Dr. Randall Smith, Dr. Matt Connolly, Dr. Bill Connolly and Dr. Brandon Fisher are providing the finest medical care as a charitable contribution.

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Lion Cam Sponsors

Oct. 2018 - Sept. 2019 Sponsors

  • Pet Depot
  • Briggs Tax Service
  • Paula McCreless-Bassham Law Office
  • Power Cleaning Equipment

2018 - 2019 Guardians of the Lions

(Individuals who donate $1000 or more during the fiscal year October 1, 2018 – September 30, 2019)
  • Dan and Anne Howard
  • UNA Alumni Association
  • UNA LaGrange Society
  • Vinaya Sharma
  • Jamie Fitzpatrick
  • Ken and Dena Kitts
  • John and Ann Battcher
  • Kilby Laboratory School
  • Mark Helm in honor of Dr. Jean Ann Helm Allen

Consider A Lion Donation

All of the care of Leo III and Una, including their food, day-to-day care and habitat upkeep, is donation- and volunteer-based. We are grateful for those who support our lions, and we hope you will, too, by clicking the donation button below!


How We Care For The Lions

UNA’s lion habitat is licensed by USDA accreditation and recently received another perfect inspection report!
The animal care standards covered by the USDA inspection include humane handling, housing, space, feeding and watering, sanitation, ventilation, shelter from extremes of weather, adequate veterinary care, separation of incompatible animals, transportation, and handling in transit.


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