Dr. Jessica Stovall

Current Courses

  • MA 113 Pre-Calculus Trigonometry
  • MA 126 Calculus II
  • MA 451 Introduction to Analysis


  • 2011 Ph.D., University of Arkansas
  • 2007 M.S., University of Arkansas
  • 2004 B.S.E., Arkansas State University


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[6] Establishing the Impact of a Computer Science/Mathematics Anti-Symbiotic Stereotype in CS Students (James A. Jerkins, Cynthia Stenger, Jessica Stovall, Janet Jenkins), In Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges (to appear), Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges, 2013.
[5] Using Computer Programming to Teach Mathematical Reasoning and Sense Making in the High School Classroom (Cynthia Stenger, Janet Jenkins, James A. Jerkins, Jessica Stovall), In ACTM Fall Forum 2012, 2012.
[4] Involving Undergraduates in Interdisciplinary Research to Support STEM Education (Cynthia Stenger, Janet Jenkins, James A. Jerkins, Jessica Stovall), 2012. (Council on Undergraduate Research, 2012 Biennial Conference)
[3] A Measure Associated with a Non-linear Operator on a Banach Lattice (Jessica Stovall), In MAA Southeastern Section Spring 2012 Conference, 2012.
[2] Level the Playing Field for Women with Immediate Immersion into Beginning Programming in a Problem Based Learning Environment (Janet Jenkins, Cynthia Stenger, James A. Jerkins, Jessica Stovall, Jordan Davis, Emilee Lloyd), In Tennessee Women in Computing, 2011.
[1] The Influence of Stereotypes on STEM majors in a Problem-Based Curriculum Investigation: Computer Science vs. Mathematics Majors (Janet Jenkins, James A. Jerkins, Cynthia Stenger, Jessica Stovall), In Proceedings of the 53rd Annual ACM Mid-Southeast Conference, 2011.

Dr. Jessica Stovall

Telephone: 256-765-4762
Office: MAB 102

UNA Box 5051
University of North Alabama
Florence AL, 35632