An MBA for Under $15,500

The University of North Alabama’s Masters’ of Business Administration program is unbeatable for its affordability and value. It is an award winning program, not just in Alabama, but it is nationally ranked. UNA tops other programs in its cost effectiveness, convenience, and experience building.

As you might notice on our website, our program has received awards for the top most affordable MBAs, best for cost and value. This is because we lower our price from the average cost of a program ($60,000) to just under $15,500.  Other higher end universities programs can cost up to $100,000. The value of the courses you take from this program essentially outweigh the costs of your tuition to obtain the degree.

Many Alabama MBAs do not allow for you to work full time and go to school. However, the University of North Alabama offers a flexible Masters’ program.  If you need to come to classes just one day a week, UNA’s MBA program makes that possible. If your job requires 40-50 work hours a week, there is always the option of a completely online MBA. There are also additional campuses, such as Athens State, in which you can earn this degree, establishing it as one of the most convenient programs in Alabama.  

The faculty and staff at UNA are dedicated to ensuring every student is successful in the program.  They are dedicated to your personal development and growth by providing enhancement learning opportunities.  They are open to suggestion and wish for the greatest success our students can possibly achieve.

All of these things combined exemplify a sought after, top-notch Alabama MBA program.