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The University of North Alabama, located in the heart of beautiful downtown Florence, Alabama, offers a very convenient MBA program.  If you have been struggling with the idea of advancing your career with a Master’s in Business Administration, let these 10 Most Under-Rated reasons convince you!

Eric Johnson, contributing writer for Forbes, shares 10 reasons for earning your MBA that most individuals don’t even consider when deciding to enroll in a program.  Life lessons can sometimes far outweigh those taught in a text book.

  1. The chance to stop and reflect on some big business issues.
  2. The chance to make some lifelong friends who will accomplish some great things over their careers in business.
  3. The chance to realize how little you understand about the world.
  4. The chance to learn about how to get a bunch of high strung, Type A personalities to work together as a team.
  5. The chance to think about the global economy and not just your little world where you used to work.
  6. The chance to interact with Professors who will really challenge you.
  7. The chance to go to listen to as many accomplished executives when they come to talk at your school.
  8. The chance to refocus yourself.
  9. The chance to learn about managing people.
  10. The chance to learn how to get up and string a few sentences together.

Clearly by reviewing the reasons Mr. Johnson lists as to why earning an MBA is important, we see that there is huge opportunity for those individuals seeking to earn this degree.  The University of North Alabama offers one of the most convenient MBA programs around. With the choice of the MBA or EMBA, and online and face-to-face delivery options, we know that we have a program that will meet your individual needs.

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