Earn an MBA While Continuing your Career

Let’s get right down to it- many people would like to have an MBA, but there is uncertainty. Will their busy life allow them to get one? Is there a simple “how-to” approach to juggling a degree with the work week and family obligations? If you find that you belong to this category of people, then you are in the right place. The University of North Alabama (holder of the 3rd highest number of MBA graduates in the state) offers the best part time MBA program in the Southeast.

In order to accommodate the needs of UNA’s busiest students, the College of Business has developed the best part time MBA option for those seeking a prestigious degree and the benefits that go with it. There are several methods of delivering convenience to students by eliminating the need for presence on campus. UNA eliminates the possible of scheduling conflict. The degree can be completed either partially or completely online. That’s right- an MBA student need never step foot on campus. In addition, students who do express a need for face-to-face interaction in most studies have the ability to do so from various campus locations. A student further removed from the Florence location could attend classes at the Athens State campus; this combined with the partial-to-completely online experience means that a student makes his or her own schedule entirely.

Not only do students make their own schedule, but they have more options than a general MBA degree. The best part time MBA is the one which affords convenience in scheduling, but also serves a well-rounded learning experience. UNA’s program offers this through the option of an Executive MBA, or an MBA in which the student chooses a concentration from our supplied seven. These concentrations include Information Systems, Accounting, International Business, Finance, Project Management, Health Care Management, and ERP Systems using SAP. These concentrations cover a variety of fields students should pursue. Regardless of the concentration you may choose, we offer an experience that is unmatched. Our professors bring real world experience to the classroom that serves as the foundation for our programs. You will benefit from their research and experience through case studies, solving real world business problems, and their dynamic delivery of practical business skills, knowledge, and strategies.