Getting Your Executive MBA: The Basics

Why should I get an executive MBA?

The executive MBA is targeted for individuals who have completed a bachelor’s degree or some other advanced degree of post-secondary education. It is also designed for those who have six-eight years of experience within their field. If you are a business professional seeking to further your skill set and education to boost your career, the executive MBA is for you.

What do I need?

To get an executive MBA with the University of North Alabama, you are required to have an application, transcripts from previous schools, experience, and meet prerequisite course requirements. One exception to this application process is that a GMAT is not required as it would be for a normal MBA degree. Lastly, you need a winning attitude.

How can I afford it?

Most executive MBA students find outside funding. There are scholarships available nationwide. Some students even receive sponsorship and funding from their current employers to cover their tuition. Many students also take advantage of the opportunity to take our MBA classes online or partially online so that they can work while earning their degree.

How do I prepare for an Executive MBA?

Experience is required to obtain an Executive MBA, you should learn to take your previous work experience and personal skill set and implement them into your coursework for the executive MBA. The executive MBA prepares you further for your career; get ready to bring your own personal edge to the table when beginning the program.