How Valuable is an MBA?

An MBA, or Masters of Business Administration, is becoming an increasingly significant degree in the business field. It is almost necessary for anyone hoping to achieve a better job position with a higher salary, and for some, it will be necessary to even achieve an entry-level job. The question is, just how valuable is a Masters of Business Administration, and what can it do for you? There are at least five top reasons the MBA is sure to guarantee success 

  1. Better Job OpportunitiesThe degree is called “Masters of Business Administration” for a reason. MBA graduates are seen as highly qualified for the business field and are therefore afforded more opportunity for hire and for maintaining a higher quality position within the company. Some 70% of the world’s MBA graduates are senior managers or board directors (which are positions that could only be achieved by Masters of Business Administration).  
  2. High SalaryBelieve it or not, the average salary for an MBA graduate is considerably higher than the salary for a regular master’s degree holder. The average salary for an MBA graduate ranges from about $70,000 (in governmental or non-profit Institutions) to $120,000 (in consultancy, finance, or healthcare). While these values may vary, they are more often awarded to the holder of a master of business administration degree than a regular master’s holder or any lower-level degree. 
  3. Provides a Flexible CareerWhile you may or may not be comfortable with your current position, the MBA allows you to grow and learn more of the business world- even better, it allows you to circulate within that world. MBA programs allow you to specialize in different concentrations, which allows you to find another path more suitable for your interests and talents, broadening your horizons and ability to change careers at the drop of a hat!
  4. Compensate for Youth and InexperienceMany employers and upper-level management officials will be wary to promote a young, somewhat inexperienced employee such as yourself. They feel that there is too much at risk to invest in a younger, semi-qualified worker than for an older employee holding more years of experience with the company and other business positions prior to this one. Getting a Masters of Business Administration certifies the qualification that management officials seek in promotion options. The MBA guarantees your growth as an employee and dedication as a hard worker. 
  5. Networking and Exposure to SuccessAs an MBA student, you will be visited by successful leaders who enjoy lecturing students and divulging insight to future business leaders (in training). Not only will these speakers enjoy sharing their successes, but they will wish to contribute to yours. They will build your network of advisors, and allow you to ask questions whenever they may arise. You are also able to make these same connections with professors who desire your success as much as you do. A Masters of Business Administration is altogether the best way to acquire the tools and support system you need to succeed.  

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