Our MBA Programs

We realize that each student’s needs and goals are different, so we have several programs and offering format for you to choose from.  Because we know that the majority of students who enter our program are working and/or have families, we have also designed an innovative program that delivers a high-quality education at an affordable price.

UNA offers two options for students to earn a graduate business degree.  The MBA combines a set of core courses with the opportunity to specialize in a particular concentration.  We also offer the Executive MBA for individuals with significant business experience who want to improve their leadership and management skills.

Our online, affordable MBA program was designed for those individuals who want to earn a graduate degree, while balancing a career and family. They may live in a location that is not convenient to attend classes, or have a job that requires traveling. Our online MBA program allow these students to earn their degree without ever stepping foot on campus.   Classes follow a traditional semester calendar.

We offer two campus locations for you to choose from to pursue the MBA or EMBA - - our campus in Florence or our program on the campus of Athens State University. At each location you have the choice of being a full-time or part-time student.  You will network weekly with other students while interacting with faculty as they share their knowledge from their expertise in the field of business.  These programs require classroom attendance every other week, and allow you to attend class from the convenience of your home the other weeks. 

For students who choose the traditional full-time program, they will enjoy the benefits of living in a quaint southern town that is within two hours of Nashville, Birmingham Huntsville, and Memphis.  Florence is a beautiful city on the Tennessee River with very affordable living costs.  Seated in the middle of beautiful downtown Florence, Alabama, the University of North Alabama is the prime location for a traditional student wanting to further their education with a master’s degree.  

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