University of North Alabama Offers an Executive MBA For a Career Upgrade!

The University of North Alabama recognized the changing demographics of students applying for enrollment in their executive MBA degree programs and immediately made academic innovations to accommodate the diverse needs and requirements of you and your peers as the the growing student body.

Third Ranking in State and Ninth in Nation

Together with additional academic courses to better equip all students from a wider percentage of graduates seeking higher education, faculty mentoring will be at the forefront of UNA's heightened and individualistic approach to executive MBA degree learning and accreditation. This has been a gratifying success due to the numbers of both men and women who are seeking higher education to combat the unsatisfactory economy.
To fill student needs due to varying UNA student executive MBA applicant demographics in recent years, the University has developed intensive undergraduate and graduate degrees in interdisciplinary and professional studies. These programs are focused and honed for non-traditional adult learners. UNA was one of the leading state universities to develop an academic niche embracing educational and career goals for each and every student.

Accommodating All Students, New and Returning

Today's executive MBA degree student body includes accredited graduate students who can complete their MBA instruction and degree requirements within a year, and also returning undergraduate students needing to structure classroom courses around employment hours, stretching their academics over a longer period. Each UNA student will find your unique pace, encouragement and mentoring to meet your personal and academic needs.

Reasonable Costs and Tuition Plans

Tuition costs for UNA are very reasonable and can be covered by college loans or personal payment options. Some area employers are open to subsidizing the education of current employees in particular sectors and offer a repayment of a percentage of your tuition costs.

Career Employment

After achieving your executive MBA degree, employment opportunities will be open to your new credentials, especially in the surrounding towns. Most UNA graduates will find excellent career opportunity within 100 miles of the UNA campus due to the high respect and prestige of the university's executive MBA program.
Contact our offices for further information and answers to any questions you may have regarding your unique and personal career goals and objectives. You deserve to receive the best education leading you into the best executive MBA career accreditation for your future.