Why Graduate School?

Many professionals graduate from school, gain experience in their field, and find they have nowhere else to go. They begin to feel complacent, even bored with their current position, and realize that perhaps they should explore graduate school. While their undergraduate degree has secured their employment, it dawns on them that it is time to advance their career. What do they do, then? Apply for the next level. Graduate school is the perfect opportunity to advance your career as well as open up better opportunities. The best route for these excellence-seeking professionals is a Masters’ in Business Administration.

Regardless of the area of expertise, an MBA is a graduate degree that is applicable to every profession. The opportunities that come with it are numerous. According to a GMAC survey, “96% of the responding Class of 2013 rate the value of their degree as outstanding, excellent, or good, and the same percentage of the class would recommend a graduate management education to others.” Employment of MBA degreed workforce in the US reached a rate of 95% in 2013, and claim “The median starting annual salaries offered to U.S. citizens who graduated from a full-time, two-year MBA this year was $90,000, with a bonus and additional comp of $10,000. That’s up from a median base of $86,700 last year.” With this kind of success rate, who wouldn’t want to pursue an MBA degree? This degree is perfect for all previous majors, all practices, and is one of the best ways to improve your understanding of the US and its economy. Rather than calling it the Masters’ in Business Administration, they might as well leave it at, “Masters.”