Registering for Courses

Prior to course registration, you should view the Course Schedule for a listing of available online courses for the upcoming session.

Students may register for online MBA courses through their UNAPortal account.

Most students register for two courses per session. However you may want to take just a single course. Doing so will enable you to settle comfortably into your program and gain a sense of what is expected of you.

The course(s) you register for will be posted to your UNAPortal account once your registration has been processed. To access your course:

  1. Log on to your UNAPortal account
  2. Click on Self-Service Banner Tab
  3. Click on Student and Financial Aid
  4. Click on Registration
  5. Click on Add or Drop Classes
  6. Select the correct term and click Submit
  7. Enter the correct five-digit CRN for each course
  8. Click Submit

Process to Drop an online MBA class

Any student wishing to drop a class must logon to their secure UNA email account and send an email to their instructor of record and a copy of the email to the Registrar's Office at This will be valid for online courses as well as regular courses. The email MUST come from the student's UNA portal account. The Registrar's Office will officially drop a student from the course after receiving a response from the instructor which includes permission to drop and their grade of W, WP, or WF.

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