Registering for Courses

Prior to course registration, you should view the Course Schedule for a listing of available online courses for the upcoming session.

Students may register for online MBA courses through their UNAPortal account.

Most students register for two courses per session. However you may want to take just a single course. Doing so will enable you to settle comfortably into your program and gain a sense of what is expected of you.

The course(s) you register for will be posted to your UNAPortal account once your registration has been processed. To access your course:

  1. Log into your UNAPortal account
  2. Select the Registration tab
  3. Select Add/Drop Courses.
  4. Select Register for Classes.
  5. Select appropriate term and select Continue.
  6. Select appropriate course subject in Subject Box and select Search
  7. Find appropriate course and select Add.  To see class details, including the start dates of a course, please click on the underlined course title. On the class details box, click “Instructor/Meeting Times” to ensure you’re registering for the correct term session. 
  8. The class will pop up in a summary box and select Submit.
  9. The status should change from pending to registered.

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