Mission Statement

The mission of the University of North Alabama Department of Music and Theatre is to actively engage students in reaching their fullest potentials by providing academic instruction, performing experience and other learning experiences in music and theatre degree programs, as well as in the University's General Education curriculum. In addition to its academic role, the Department of Music and Theatre seeks to serve the University's ceremonial and utilitarian needs for musical performances at significant University events and to contribute to the enhancement of the artistic vigor and cultural vitality of the University campus, the local community and the greater geographical region. 

Goals for the department 

  • Maintain curricula that comply with standards and guidelines established by NASM and SACS.
  • Offer high quality lecture courses, performing ensembles/organizations, and private instruction.
  • Establish and maintain a standard of excellence for artistic performance in music and theatre.
  • Obtain and maintain funding necessary for strong performing ensembles and organizations in band, choral, orchestral and theatrical areas.
  • Obtain and maintain funding necessary for the maintenance and replacement of equipment needed to meet the instructional demands of the music and theatre areas.

Goals for the faculty

  • Offer high quality instruction and learning experiences in all learning environments
  • Pursue continued professional development of teaching skills, insights and competencies.
  • Pursue the active development of professional competencies through research, performance and other creative activities.
  • Maintain active participation in campus and community positions of leadership and service relative to areas of professional and personal expertise.

Calendar of Events

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