Chris McDonald

Chris McDonaldContact Information
ph: 256.765.4375
UNA Box 5040 | Music Building

Chris McDonald has been teaching the guitar since 2012. He began teaching at the University of North Alabama in the spring of 2018. Chris enjoys playing many styles of music, including rock, folk, and jazz. However, Chris teaches the guitar with a focus on classical guitar repertoire, facility, and technique. Chris started playing electric guitar and learning rock music when he was 13. Although he has played in rock bands through the years, his approach to playing and teaching changed when his passion for the guitar took him to the University of Alabama in Huntsville, where he studied music and the classical guitar. Chris believes that the study of classical guitar technique and repertoire is important, and will benefit a guitarist of any genre.

Chris lives in Huntsville, Alabama, where he also works as a teacher. He teaches private lessons at Colors Fine Arts Center and Valley Conservatory, and group classes at Lee High School. A versatile guitarist, he also performs and works locally as a musician. Some of Chris’ other musical endeavors include leading music and conducting the choir at First Christian Church in Huntsville, playing guitar in pit orchestras for theatre productions, and playing guitar with the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra.