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Michelle ChenIn 1976, UNA's College of Nursing graduated it's first class of BSN prepared nurses. Since then, more than 1200 nurses have graduated from UNA and hold roles as practitioners, clinicians, consultants, specialists, nursing educators, and nurse researchers throughout Alabama, across the nation and around the world. Graduates of UNA's College of Nursing are leaders in their profession and in their community. We are very proud of our alumni and hope this webpage will enable us to maintain communication with our graduates and help graduates to re-establish relationships with faculty and classmates.

The purpose of the Nursing Alumni Club is to maintain a lifelong relationship between the UNA College of Nursing and alumni and to encourage loyalty and respect for the high standards which the College Nursing strives to maintain. Over the years, many alumni have supported the College of Nursing by giving generously of their time and/or financial resources. This generosity has helped the College of Nursing achieve it's mission of providing a quality education, developing nurse leaders and providing service to the community. Examples include alumni who have given their time as guest speakers or as volunteers at the College of Nursing clinic for the underserved, and those who make financial contributions to the College of Nursing for nursing student scholarships or for the provision of equipment and educational resources.

The UNA College of Nursing Alumni Club is comprised of all graduates of the College of Nursing. All current and future graduates are members of the Association by virtue of graduation. There are no annual dues.

If you are interested in becoming involved with the College of Nursing, please contact Ms. Betsy Harmon at so that we can contact you with additional information.

UNA nursing Alumni Susanna Daly Howell 2010