Geology Research at UNA

UNA's geology faculty are all active researchers in their field and contribute to the study of hydrology, paleontology and seismology..

Hydrology Research

Dr. Richard Statom

Richard's research focuses on hydrology, hydrogeology and water resources.


Paleontology Research

Dr. Mark Puckett

Dr Puckett

 Dr. Puckett's research involves paleontology and stratigraphy. He specializes in two groups of microfossils, ostracodes and planktonic foraminifera, and uses them to solve many kinds of problems. Recently, his research activities have brought him to Cuba and Puerto Rico.  UNA recently obtained a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) which Dr. Puckett uses to produce 3D images of his specimens.  Dr. Puckett often has students help him in his research and has had students travel to central American to help collect samples.

Listen to Dr. Puckett discuss his research.

Huffington Post article about Dr. Puckett's discovering new species!


The Scanning Electron Microscope

Recent publications

2013, Micropaleontology, "New Species and Genera of Ostracoda from the Maastrichtian (Late Cretaceous) of Jamaica" with coauthors Puckett, T., Colin, Jena-Paul and Mitchell, Simon. It describes 25 new species and 3 new genera from Jamaica.



Dr. Melissa Driskell

Dr. Driskell's research interests are in the investigations of Earth's structure and Core-Mantle Boundary Layer (CMB) structure using seismology. Her research has included study of the Earth's CMB and its relationship to mantle circulation and dynamics, as well as research on fine structure in the Earth's deep mantle utilizing seismic waveform modeling and seismic data analysis.