Dr. Mel Blake

Dr. Blake's research area is mainly in time-variable phenomena in astronomy including binary and variable stars and active galaxies. Recent efforts include studying the binary star Delta Scorpius. At UNA, Mel is preparing a research project with students to study long-term evolution of stars and variability in star forming regions.

Dr. Blake teaches courses in introductory astronomy and physics.  He is also the editor/publisher of Southern Skies, the journal of the Southeastern Planetarium Association.

Recent Publications

"Does Asteroid 1090 Sumida have a Satellite", Blake, R. M., Himeno, K., 2018, MPB, In Press.

"Evaluating Strategies to Collect Micrometeorites from Rainwater for Citizen Scientists", Blake, R. M., McKee, J., Statom, R., Qui, C., and Menapace, F., 2018, JAESE accepted for publication, under revision.

"A binary Model for the Emission Line Star FX Vel", Blake, R. M., Hunter M., 2015, JAAVSO, 43, 59.