UNA Society of Physics Students

The Society of physics Students at UNA has a very active SPS chapter.  We have weekly meetings to organize our activities.  Our activities include: 

  • Public outreach on campus and at the First Fridays 
physics fun
Physics fun for Purple Reign week, 2011.
  • Invited speakers
  • Attendance at state, regional and national conferences

Students attended the SPS Southeast regional meeting in Puerto Rico in March 2014Students in Peurto Rico


  • Social events such as the annual Christmas party and Sci Fi nights at the planetarium

All students at UNA are welcome to joining the SPS and we are a recognized student organization.


The UNA SPS meets at the Science and Technology Building each Wednesday at 1:30 pm.  All UNA students are welcome to join whether they are physics majors or if they are just interested in astronomy and physics.

Recent Events

March 19th - 20th

The UNA SPS attended the SPS meeting at Embry-Ribddle Aeronautical University. .