UNA, Sen. Roger Bedford Announce $6M for New Science and Technology Building #myUNA

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UNA, Sen. Roger Bedford Announce $6M for New Science and Technology Building

May. 12, 2010

FLORENCE, Ala. – The University of North Alabama is $6 million closer to breaking ground on a new science and technology building, thanks to a state grant announced by Sen. Roger Bedford (D-Russellville) and UNA president Dr. William G. Cale Jr. at a press conference Wednesday.

“The commitment of Sen. Bedford to the success of UNA is in clear evidence through his efforts to secure funding for this critical need,” Cale said. “The university is deeply grateful for the Senator’s dedication to our success and for keeping us on a path that will lead to success.”

Bedford said the funding comes at a critical time for the region’s economy.

“UNA plays an important role in the economic vitality of our region, and this new science building will add to the university’s research and development capability,” he said. “This kind of research and funding is important to me, and I will continue to work to find the investments we need to expand our universities and grow jobs in Alabama.”

The new UNA science building is projected to be a $30-35 million project. According to the university’s proposed new campus master plan, the facility will be situated on the west side of campus, on Pine Street near Flowers Hall and Kilby Laboratory School.

Cale said that, with the new facility, the Shoals area and surrounding region can expect “opportunities for new collaborations with business and industry to assist in product development, testing, environmental safety and other technical areas.”

University departments and programs to be housed in the building include chemistry and industrial hygiene, biology, and physics and earth science. Most of the programs are currently housed in UNA’s Floyd Science Building. Constructed about 40 years ago, Floyd is now limited in its ability to fully serve the advanced needs of UNA’s continually growing science programs.

“Science and technology are critical knowledge areas that are shaping the future,” Cale said. “The University of North Alabama is committed to providing to every student an understanding of the basics of scientific discovery and the opportunity for those who so choose to pursue successfully a career in a scientific or technical field.”