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Jan. 23, 2009

By Eric Hanback

UNA Student Writer

FLORENCE, Ala. — The University of North Alabama Distinguished Events series will kick off its spring edition with actor/playwright Bernie Dean’s performance of “The Rothschilds,” a Tony Award-winning Broadway musical.

A showbiz kid since he was 6 years old, Dean is noted for his ability to perform various styles of music. His previous shows have featured Israeli, Yiddish Broadway, Classical and rock music.

“The Rothschilds,” written by the same authors of “Fiddler on the Roof,” chronicles the Rothschild family’s rise from Ghetto poverty to international prosperity, following their various careers as bankers, creators of international finance, railroad builders and colonizers. The production centers on their determination to use their wealth to help their fellow Jews and to break down the Ghetto walls. The story of the Rothschilds has made audiences laugh, cry, and stand up and cheer.

Dean will portray all the main characters and perform the entire score.

The one-man performance will be held at the UNA Guillot University Center Performance Center on Feb. 17 at 7 p.m. Admission is free.

Call 256-765-4208 for more information or for special needs accommodations.

Bernie Dean headlines Distinguished Events Series