Kilby First-graders Use Flat Stanley to Learn About New Cultures #myUNA

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Kilby First-graders Use Flat Stanley to Learn About New Cultures

Feb. 11, 2011

FLORENCE, Ala. – First-grade students at Kilby Laboratory School are involved in a literary-art project using children’s book character Flat Stanley, which could expand their global awareness and understanding of new cultures.

Mandy Wicks, a first-grade teacher at Kilby School, has embarked on a Flat Stanley art project in which her students have read the book, created their own personalized Flat Stanley cutouts and mailed them to people across the world.

The goal is for recipients to take photos with the Flat Stanley cutout, along with some display of their culture in the background, and send the photo back to the student at Kilby School by Feb. 15. The students will display the cutouts on U.S. and world maps and track how far they have traveled.

Wicks said the project helps students comprehend basic geography, communication skills, different cultures and how large the world truly is.

“The project encompasses a lot of things that help students become more engaged,” she said. “Children at this age don’t always get the concept of our global world, so this helps them realize we’re all in this together and are trying to make the world a better place.”

In the next two weeks, UNA international students will also speak at Kilby School to share their culture and bring artifacts from their countries for display.

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