Office of University Communications & Marketing


Jul. 22, 2009

With regret, Dr. William Cale and the administration of the University of North Alabama, announce the cancellation of the Smothers Brothers concert performance scheduled for Thursday July 30.

Ticket refunds are available by calling the UNA Box-Office at 256-765-4658.

Will Stutts, Producing Artistic Director for the UNA Summer Theatre, said that the agency representing the Smothers Brothers, and the Smothers Brothers themselves were most gracious and understanding of the situation and that they, too, regret not being able to visit and perform in the Shoals.

“The general state of the economy is a primary culprit in this decision,” Stutts said. “A great many people had expressed interest and excitement in the performance. But they did not buy tickets. In this day and age, we simply cannot take the risk of people just 'showing up' at the door.” “Another contributing factor,” Stutts said, “was the over-scheduling of performance events in the month of July in the immediate area. There are simply too many events going on in a short span of time.”