Diversity and Inclusion Badge in Psychology

The Badge of Diversity and Inclusion in Psychology is a recognition earned through the completion of coursework and experiential learning by students who show intentionality in pursuing immersive experiences focused on diversity and inclusion. Students wishing to pursue the badge must meet with their academic advisor to declare their intent to pursue the honor and establish a plan of action to be fulfilled prior to graduation.

The Department of Psychology, in partnership with the Mitchell-West Center for Social Inclusion, offers this distinction. The honor is bestowed upon students completing learning experiences in each of the following categories: Cultural Immersion, Coursework, and Training focused on working with underrepresented populations.

Upon completion of these experiences, students will provide a public presentation that summarizes their learning experiences as they relate to the discipline of psychology.

In order to receive the badge, students must meet the following criteria:

Cultural Immersion*
(Must complete one)

(Must complete at least two)

(Must complete at least two)

  • Education Abroad (Psychology-focus preferred)
  • Alternative Break (Cultural-focus required)
  • PY 302 Abnormal Psychology
  • PY 442 Social Psychology
  • PY 444 Psychology of Religion
  • PY 454 Introduction to Developmental Disabilities
  • PY 470 Health Psychology
  • PY 490 Multicultural Psychology
  • Safezone Training
  • Poverty Simulation Training
  • Critical Conversations Training
  • ARC of the Shoals
  • Bridges Behavior Therapy
  • Inside-Out Program
  • Shoals Youth Advocates
  • One Place of the Shoals
  • Safeplace
  • U-Serve (advisor approval required)

*Additional opportunities may become available. Please check with your academic advisor for updates. Substitutions may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Psychology Badge