Richard A. Hudiburg, Ph.D., Chair & Professor

Hudiburg on AT May 2012

I am a past president of the Alabama Academy of Science and currently a member of its Board of Trustees.

The following link is to information about the Alabama Academy of Science:

Teaching areas:

I have been associated with the Department of Psychology at the University of North Alabama (UNA) since August 1983. I became the chair on the department in August 2010. I teach several undergraduate courses as part of the undergraduate program in psychology at UNA. I teach General Psychology (PY 201), which is a required course for a major or minor in psychology. General psychology also can fulfill a general education requirement in area IV of UNA's general education requirement. I have recently taught Psychological Statistics (PY 375) (required for a major in psychology), Cognitive Psychology (PY385), Health Psychology (PY470) and Psychology in Cinema (PY490). In the past I have taught Psychology of Adjustment (PY 242), Industrial and Organizational Psychology (PY435), Introduction to Psychological Testing (PY451), and Personality Appraisal (ED586).

 I perform academic advising for majors in psychology. I serve as advisor for the UNA chapter of the National Honor Society of Psi Chi and the student campus organization Psychology Club.

Research interests:

I have been involved with research for the past decade primarily concerned with the effects of human-computer interactions, in particular computer users' stress. My research has concentrated on the development of a measurement instrument for computer stress. I have developed two research scales: Computer Technology Hassles Scale and Computer Hassles Scale. Both scales have demonstrated reliability and validity. I would be happy to share information with you concerning my research on technostress. Please e-mail me. I have additional research interests in body modification and cellular telephone use behavior and psychology of religion research concerning taboos.

Currently doing research with Dr. Larry Bates involving the construct of religious fundamentalism. One of the latest projects in a study about hiking, trail ethics and religion. We are seeking participants for this study. If you are a hiker or backpacker and are interested in participating, please link to:

Selected Presentations with available information:

Mary Katherine Osborn, Victoria A. McLain, Richard A. Hudiburg, and Larry W. Bates, Does religion influence hiking trail ethics? Alabama Academy of Science, 89th annual meeting, Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, AL. March 2012. PowerPoint presentation is available.

Tubb, Melonee C., Ballew, William L., Brooks, Danyelle J., Geron, Shawn E., Bates, Larry W., and Hudiburg, Richard A., CHURCH ARSON IN ALABAMA: A STUDY OF PSYCHOLOGICAL COPING, Alabama Academy of Science, 84th annual meeting, Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, AL. March 2007. PowerPoint presentation is available.

Hudiburg, R.A. & Psychology Undergraduate Research Team "Cellular Telephone Use Behavior." Alabama Academy of Science, 83rd annual meeting, Troy University, Troy, AL. March 2006. PowerPoint presentation is available.

Hudiburg, R. A. "Relationship of computer hassles and somatic complaints." the Luce Faculty Seminars: Mind-Computer Interactions. Pitzer, Claremont McKenna, and Harvey Mudd Colleges , Claremont, CA. March 7, 2003. (Invited presentation)

Note: Download a copy of the Luce Faculty Seminar presentation (Word file) and PowerPoint presentation

Hudiburg, R.A. "Assessing and Managing Technostress." (presentation text) American Library Association, Annual meeting, New York, NY. July 8,1996. (invited address)