Erin Cooper

Update: Erin received her master’s degree in 2018 and is currently pursuing her doctoral degree at Auburn.

What are you doing now?

I am now a first year graduate student in the Marriage and Family Therapy program and graduate research assistant at Auburn University.

How did UNA's Psychology program help you achieve what you have become?

The psychology program at UNA prepared me for graduate school in several ways. Not only did the curriculum provide me with a good foundation upon entering graduate school, but the program also provided opportunities for research experience, which has turned out to be very beneficial. Being in the program also paved the way for many friendships and relationships that I appreciate so much and that I know have contributed to my success.

What advice would you give students who are interested in becoming UNA Psychology majors?

My advice for students interested in the psychology program at UNA would be that their most beneficial resources are current students and faculty! Don't be shy to reach out and ask questions!