Group Exercise Class Descriptions

Ab Attack

This is a 30 minute class of hardcore abdominal work.  It focuses on toning and defining the abs and strengthening the back to improve posture and core strength. Exercises are performed using the fit-ball and/or lying on the floor.


In this revolutionary cycling class, you will experience a variety of cycling including hill climbs, fast flats, and exhilarating finishes while focusing on speed, power, intensity and technique. A great cardio workout!


Members will become familiar with mind-body connection as we work our way through holding traditional yoga poses as well as actively stretching within your own ability. Yoga is for those who are looking for an all-around calming mechanism to ease tightness or stiffness of the body. Yoga also focuses on channeling inward to discover body awareness. Connecting our mind and body through motion and rhythmic breathing, yoga often encourages range of motion to the body’s comfort. Everyone is welcome to come join the practice!

Butts and Guts

A butt-kicking, gut-wrenching, thigh-toning class aimed at improving your lower body and core. This class is for all levels.