Towel Service

General Towel Service

  • Bath towels may be checked out with your valid MANE Card or Membership Card from Member Services.
  • The bath towels used by the Student Recreation Center are unique and are the only type that will be accepted on return. No 'private' towels will be accepted for return.
  • Bath towels are for use in the locker rooms on the second floor of the Student Recreation Center only.
  • It is the responsibility of the member to make sure that the Member Services Representative acknowledges receipt of the used bath towel at the time of return.
  • If an individual fails to return the issued bath towel to the Member Services Desk, that individual will be charged with a $5.00 fee for replacement of the bath towel.
  • After 30 days, any individual who has not paid the bath towel replacement fee will have his/her privileges to the Student Recreation Center Suspended. An individual who owes a bath towel replacement fee at the end of her/his membership period will not be eligible for renewed membership to the Student Recreation Center until the bath towel replacement fee has been paid in full.
  • The Student Recreation Center does not accept electronic payments.
  • The Recreational Sports and Fitness program and the Student Recreation Center are not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen bath towels.

Fitness Center Towel Service

  • Personal workout towels are not provided, however, you may bring your own.
  • It is mandatory that each person wipe off equipment after use with provided spray and wiping towel.