Fall 2015 Semester Calendar

March 13 Deadline for Graduate and Undergraduate Admissions Credentials for preregistration
April 6 - August 14 Fall Preregistration - Graduate and Undergraduate Students
April 15 Deadline - UNA Early College - Admissions Credentials Due
July 31 Graduate and Undergraduate Credentials Due for Regular Registration
August 14 Residence Hall Open after 1:00 p.m. - Freshmen
August 16 Residence Hall Open after 1:00 p.m. - Upperclassmen
August 17 New Student Advising and Registration - 8:30 a.m.
Regular Registration and Drop/Add for All Students Beginning at Noon
August 18 Registration and Drop/Add
August 19-21 Late Registration and Drop/Add
August 21 Payment deadline for tuition, fees, room & board (if applicable)
August 24 A $50 late change will apply to accounts with an outstanding balance
August 26 Last Day for 100% Refund for Tuition and Fees
September 2 Final deadline for payment of outstanding account balance
September 3 Registration schedules subject to cancellation for failure to pay outstanding balance in full. Students who are reinstated will be required to pay the balance due on their account plus a $75 reinstatement fee.
September 3-10 Reinstatement period for cancellation of schedule.
September 7 HOLIDAY
October 8 Mid Term
October 9 University Closed - Fall Break
October 16 Last Day of "W" Period
October 17 Begin "WP/WF" Period
November 18 End of "WP/WF" Period, Last day to drop a class or completely withdraw
November 25- November 29 University Closed - Thanksgiving holidays
December 3 Study Day
December 4-9 Semester Exams
December 12 Commencement
December 12 Residence Halls close at 12 noon (Rice, Rivers, LaGrange & Lafayette)