Academics FAQs

Will my course still meet during the originally scheduled time in the spring semester?

  • The course may continue to meet during the scheduled time or may be structured for modified face-to-face instruction via synchronous or asynchronous delivery. Faculty will determine how their courses will be taught and let you know the format and expectations of your class. If you have any questions about a specific course, please contact your instructor and/or department chair

What does “modified face-to-face instruction” mean?

  • To maximize physical distancing, most classes in the spring semester will be delivered in a hybrid format – a mixture of face-to-face instruction and on-line delivery where participation may be synchronous or asynchronous. In synchronous instruction, students and faculty meet together online at scheduled times. Asynchronous instruction is not scheduled, and faculty and students may participate online at any time, i.e., you may access the class at your convenience.
  • Course format (in-person, hybrid in-person/online/synchronous/asynchronous) will be based on course goals and curricular/clinical/internship requirements.
  • In-person, seated instruction will be designed to provide for six feet of physical distancing, when possible. Cloth face coverings will be required.
  • Students will receive communication from your instructors confirming the instructional format of their classes.

Whom should I contact if I have questions about a course and/or lab?

  • For questions related to any specific course and/or lab, please contact the course instructor.

Will I still be required to complete the GuideSafe COVID-19 Symptom Checker in the spring?

  • In addition to COVID-19 risk reduction strategies, the COVID-19 Symptom Checker must be completed before arriving on campus each day.

What should I do if I need technical assistance with internet connectivity, Canvas etc?

Will UNA Library Services be open and available?

  • Collier Library and Information Services will operate under normal hours during the spring semester; available hours can be located here. Some services may be modified to protect the safety of students, faculty, and staff. The full list of services is available here.

Will Research and IRB approvals continue in the spring semester?

  • Research and IRB review will continue with physical distancing, face coverings, and, when necessary, appropriate approvals by the IRB committee and health and safety clearance by the CRTF based on CDC guidelines. If you have questions about your study or the IRB process, please contact your faculty mentor.

What happens if there is a surge or outbreak on campus mid-semester?

  • The University will continually monitor the health of the campus population and the public health of our region and be ready to move back to remote work if conditions warrant.
  • All faculty are advised to design courses which include a modular approach such that required coursework can be delivered completely online in the event of:
    • an outbreak on campus that might necessitate a temporary break or a mid-semester shift
    • teaching faculty become ill and are unable to complete the course
    • students become ill or have to self-quarantine during the term and miss a significant amount of class time
    • federal or state guidelines/recommendations shift the maximum size of gatherings or academic activities because of a virus resurgence in the spring

Will the situation affect my academic progress?

  • The University of North Alabama is committed to ensuring you can complete the semester and fulfill your academic requirements.

What if I have to miss class because I am in self-isolation or quarantine?

  • Students in a face to face class who are on a 14-day quarantine will be able to continue with their course work online. Students must contact their individual instructors for details pertaining to their specific courses.


How will the University conduct academic advising Spring 2021?

  • Academic advising may be conducted via Zoom or face-to-face if six-feet physical distancing can be maintained and cloth face coverings worn in office spaces.

When will the semester start and end?

There will be no modifications to the academic calendar for Spring 2021. Key elements of the spring calendar include:

  • January 6: Classes begin
  • March 22-28: University Closed – Spring Break
  • May 7 & 8: Commencement

Will my instructor have Office Hours?

  • Faculty may utilize virtual office hours to remain available to students while also physical distancing.
  • If in-person office hours take place, physical distancing must be practiced and cloth face coverings worn in office spaces.
  • Please contact your instructor for specific office hours.

Will there be education abroad and study away programs for Spring 2021?

  • Education Abroad programs will remain cancelled till May 31, 2021. Future travel after May 31, 2021 will be determined by April 1, 2021.
  • Domestic Study Away travel will be allowed subject to appropriate approvals by College Deans and health and safety clearance by the CRTF.