2023 Reaffirmation

2023 Reaffirmation Watermark Log In (used for committees to write Standard Narratives)

SACSCOC Liaison:  Ms. Bliss Adkison
Leadership Team:

Dr. Joy Borah

Dr. Leah Graham

Dr. Molly Mathis

Dr. Tammy Jacques

Ms. Bliss Adkison

Ms. Cindy Conlon

Mr. Mitch Powell

Mr. John McGee

Mr. Ethan Humphres

Mr. Derek Malone


Editors: Dr. Kelly Latchaw

            Ms. Jennifer Maddox

            Ms. Michelle Eubanks



Team Chair

Committee Members

Section 1: Integrity

CR 1.1 (Integrity)

Dr. Joy Borah

Ms. Bliss Adkison

Section 2: Mission

CR 2.1 (Institutional mission)

Dr. Joy Borah

Ms. Bliss Adkison

Section 3: Basic Eligibility Standard



CR 3.1.a (Degree-granting authority)

Dr. Joy Borah

Ms. Corrie Dalrymple

Dr. Lamont Maddox

CR 3.1.b (Course work for degrees)

CR 3.1.c (Continuous operation)

Section 4: Governing Board









CR 4.1 (Governing board characteristics)

Dr. Kimberly Greenway

Amber Fite-Morgan, J.D.

Ms. Regina Sherrill

Dr. Vicki Pierce

Dr. Vince Brewton




Standard 4.2.a (Mission review)

Standard 4.2.b (Board/administrative distinction

Standard 4.2.c (CEO evaluation/selection)

Standard 4.2.d (Conflict of interest)

Standard 4.2.e (Board dismissal)

Standard 4.2.f (External influence)

Standard 4.2.g (Board self-evaluation)

Standard 4.3 (Multi-level governance)

Section 5: Administration and Organization







CR 5.1 (Chief executive officer)

Dr. Amber Paulk

Ms. Regina Sherrill

Ms. Catherine White

Ms. Erin Letson

Dr. Felicia Harris

Standard 5.2.a (CEO control)

Standard 5.2.b (Control of intercollegiate athletics)

Standard 5.2.c (Control of fund-raising activities)

Standard 5.3 (Institution-related entities)

Standard 5.4 (Qualified administrative/academic officers)

Standard 5.5 (Personnel appointment and evaluation)

Section 6: Faculty







CR 6.1 (Full-time faculty)

Dr. Ryan Zayac

Dr. Tera Kirkman

Dr. Sara Lynn Baird

Dr. Ansley Quiros

Dr. Katie Kinney

Dr. Jana Beaver

Mr. Nathan Pitts

Standard 6.2.a (Faculty qualifications)

Standard 6.2.b (Program faculty)

Standard 6.2.c (Program coordination)

Standard 6.3 (Faculty appointment and evaluation)

Standard 6.4 (Academic freedom)

Standard 6.5 (Faculty development)


Section 7: Institutional Planning and Effectiveness



CR 7.1 (Institutional planning)

Dr. Lori Johnson

Dr. John Lemay

Dr. Molly Mathis

Dr. Matt Green

Ms. Bliss Adkison

Dr. Freda Coleman-Reed

Standard 7.2 (Quality Enhancement Plan)

Standard 7.3 (Administrative effectiveness)

Section 8: Student Achievement




CR 8.1 (Student achievement)

Dr. Natasha Lindsey

Dr. Molly Mathis

Ms. Melissa Medlin

Dr. Sara Johnson

Ms. Bliss Adkison

Dr. Jill Simpson

Dr. Freda Coleman-Reed

Standard 8.2.a (Student outcomes: educational programs)

Standard 8.2.b (Student outcomes: general education)

Standard 8.2.c (Student outcomes: academic and student services

Section 9: Educational Program Structure and Content







CR 9.1 (Program content)

Dr. Michelle Nelson

Mr. Mitch Powell

Dr. Cynthia Burkhead

Dr. Amber Paulk

Dr. Jessica Mitchell

Dr. Jill Simpson

Dr. Jana Beaver




CR 9.2 (Program length)

CR 9.3 (General education requirements)

Standard 9.4 (Institutional credits for an undergraduate degree)

Standard 9.5 (Institutional credits for a graduate/professional degree)

Standard 9.6 (Post-baccalaureate rigor and curriculum)

Standard 9.7 (Program requirements)

Section 10: Educational Policies, Procedures, and Practices









Standard 10.1 (Academic policies)

Dr. Jeffery Bibbee

Dr. Felicia Harris
Dr. Jeff Cornelius

Dr. Butler Cain

Ms. Leana Wilson

Mr. John McGee

Mr. Mitch Powell

Ms. Julie Taylor


Standard 10.2 (Public information)

Standard 10.3 (Archived information)

Standard 10.4 (Academic governance)

Standard 10.5 (Admissions policies and practices)

Standard 10.6 (Distance and correspondence education)

Standard 10.7 (Policies for awarding credit)

Standard 10.8 (Evaluating and awarding academic credit)

Standard 10.9 (Cooperative academic arrangements)

Section 11: Library and Learning/Information Resources



CR 11.1 (Library and learning/information resources)

Ms. Jennifer Maddox


 Mr. Derek Malone

Ms. Leigh Stanfield

Dr. Lamont Maddox



Standard 11.2 (Library and learning/information staff)

Standard 11.3 (Library and learning/information access)

Section 12: Academic and Student Support Services






CR 12.1 (Student support services)

Dr. Andrea Hunt

Dr. Lisa Keys-Matthews

Ms. Sherry Kennemer

Mr. Jeremy Martin

Ms. Teresa Dawson

Ms. Kayleigh Baker

Ms. Carry Bowen

Ms. Shauna James

Standard 12.2 (Student support services staff)

Standard 12.3 (Student rights)

Standard 12.4 (Student complaints)

Standard 12.5 (Student records)

Standard 12.6 (Student debt)

Section 13: Financial and Physical Resources








CR 13.1 (Financial resources)

Ms. Cindy Conlon

Mr. Mike Nelson

Mr. Kevin Hudson

Ms. Anita Holcombe

Ms. Selena Denton


CR 13.2 (Financial documents)

Standard 13.3 (Financial responsibility)

Standard 13.4 (Control of Finances)

Standard 13.5 (Control of sponsored research/external funds)

Standard 13.6 (Federal and state responsibilities)

Standard 13.7 (Physical resources)

Standard 13.8 (Institutional environment)

Section 14: Transparency and Institutional Representation






Standard 14.1 (Publication of accreditation status)

Mr. Nathan Willingham

Dr. Joy Borah

Dr. Leah Graham

Dr. Molly Mathis

Ms. Bliss Adkison

Standard 14.2 (Substantive change)

Standard 14.3 (Comprehensive institutional reviews)

Standard 14.4 (Representation to other agencies)

Standard 14.5.a (Policy compliance)

Standard 14.5.b (Policy compliance)


Standard 7.2 (Quality Enhancement Plan)

 Dr. Leah Graham

Dr. Sara Lynn Baird

Dr. Tera Kirkman

Dr. Joy Borah

Dr. Lori Johnson

Dr. Freda Coleman-Reed

Dr. Vince Brewton

Ms. Julie Heinrich

Ms. Kodi Niehaus

Ms. Bliss Adkison