Compliance Certification Report

The SACSCOC reaffirmation process required the University to document compliance with a number of core requirements, comprehensive standards, and federal requirements as outlined in the 2010 Principles of Accreditation: Foundations for Quality Enhancement. Numerous individuals and groups throughout the University were involved in gathering and presenting evidence of UNA’s compliance with these various standards. The SACS Commission on Colleges website provided guidance for documenting the University’s compliance.

UNA's Compliance Certification Report was presented to SACSCOC via a website that included links to voluminous supporting documentation. Because much of that material includes sensitive or confidential information the website is not made available to the general public. However, a hard copy version of the report was created and is linked here in PDF form. Compliance documentation was reviewed by a SACSCOC Off-Site Committee in November 2011. The Off-Site Committee requested additional information on several of the SACSCOC  standards.  UNA provided this supplemental information through a Focused Report that was reviewed by a SACSCOC On-Site Review Committee in February 2012.  Furthermore, UNA responded to new standards (that were approved during the SACSCOC December 2011 Annual Meeting and incorporated into the 2012 edition of the Principles) by submitting an additional report, Assessment of Compliance with new Principles of Accreditation 2012, which was also reviewed by the On-Site Committee.

The SACSCOC On-Site Review Committee deemed the University to be in compliance with all of the standards and did not issue any recommendations.  In December 2012, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges reaffirmed UNA's accreditation.