Compliance Certification Team

Name Department/Role Contact Information
Dr. Jerri Bullard Professor, Sociology/Co-Chair, Compliance Certification Team 256-765-4531
Dr. Andrew Luna Director, OIRPA/Co-Chair, Compliance Certification Team 256-765-4221
To be named

Compliance Certification Team Responsibilities

  • Assign/assume responsibilities for individual requirements within Principles of Accreditation and set reporting deadlines.
  • Collect documentation.
  • Draft reports supporting compliance assessment.
  • Upload reports and documentation.
  • Monitor Compliance website and test links.
  • Verify assessment of compliance/partial compliance/non-compliance.
  • Recommend course of action to resolve any partial and non-compliance areas.
  • Edit reports, as needed.

To contact UNA’s SACS Compliance Certification Team, click here.