Compliance Readiness Assessment Team

Name Department/Role Contact Information
Dr. Jerri Bullard Professor, Sociology/Co-Chair, Compliance Certification Team 256-765-4531
Dr. Andrew Luna Director, OIRPA/Co-Chair, Compliance Certification Team 256-765-4221
Ms. Celia Reynolds SACS Reaffirmation Director & Accreditation Liaison/Co-Chair, SACS Leadership Team 256-765-4625

Compliance Readiness Assessment Team Responsibilities

  • Assess and coordinate compliance audit preparedness.
  • Review written policy documents for completeness and evaluate the value, relevancy, and usefulness of current planning, evaluation, and budgeting process.
  • Plan for Compliance Certification.
  • Develop planning documents to guide Compliance Certification.
  • Conduct initial review of readiness.
    • Provide initial interpretation of core requirements and comprehensive standards.
    • Identify potential compliance issues.
    • Identify potential documentation issues.
    • Determine level of information on faculty qualifications beyond the Roster and number of years to cover.
  • Conduct necessary research.
  • Develop workgroups to resolve potential issues.
  • Determine how to handle supporting documents.
  • Document results of readiness audit.
  • Identify personnel and technology requirements for reaffirmation process.
  • Identify potential Compliance Certification (CC) Team members.
  • Conduct meetings with potential CC team members.
  • Promote university awareness of reaffirmation process.
  • Arrange for development of supporting websites and databases (for information, for Compliance Certification, etc.).
  • Develop “final” list of compliance team members with responsibility assignments.