SACS Leadership Team

Name Department/Role Contact Information
Dr. Phil Bridgmon Associate Professor, Criminal Justice/Chair, QEP Team 256-765-4192
Dr. Jerri Bullard Professor, Sociology/Co-Chair, Compliance Certification Team 256-765-4531
Dr. William G. Cale, Jr. UNA President/Co-Chair, SACS Leadership Team 256-765-4211
Dr. Greg Carnes Professor, Accounting and Business Law/Faculty Representative 256-765-4245
Dr. Sandra Loew Professor, Counselor Education/ Faculty Representative 256-765-4912
Dr. Andrew Luna Director, OIRPA/Co-Chair, Compliance Certification Team 256-765-4221
Ms. Celia Reynolds SACS Reaffirmation Director & Accreditation Liaison/Co-Chair, SACS Leadership Team 256-765-4625
Dr. Steve Smith Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs 256-765-4233
Dr. John Thornell Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost/ Chief Academic Officer 256-765-4258

SACS Leadership Team Responsibilities

  • Oversee the internal review process
  • Send representatives for mandatory orientation in Atlanta, June 14, 2010
  • Appoint committees needed to prepare the required compliance certification and QEP
  • Ensure appropriate, timely support (personnel, technology, financial resources, etc.) for the process
  • Ensure development of appropriate, timely reports
  • Review, approve, and submit the Compliance Certification report, the QEP, and any other required reports
  • Organize for the Spring 2012 on-site visit
  • Ensure appropriate follow-up, including QEP implementation

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