QEP Planning Team

Name Department/Role Contact Information
Dr. Lynn Aquadro Associate Professor, Online MSN/ Nursing Faculty Representative 256-765-4370
Mr. Caleb Banks Student Representative 256-762-3097
Mr. Bart Black Alumni/Employer 256-764-3600
Dr. Phil Bridgmon Associate Professor, Criminal Justice/Chair, QEP Planning Team 256-765-4192
Dr. Vagn Hansen Dean, College of Arts & Sciences/ Administration Representative 256-765-4288
Dr. Linda Lewis Professor, Secondary Education/ Education Faculty Representative 256-765-4575
Dr. Chris Maynard Chair, History & Political Science/ A&S Faculty Representative 256-765-4541
Dr. Lisa Minor Professor, English/A&S Faculty Representative 256-765-4498
Dr. Joan Parris Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems/Business Faculty Representative 256-765-4961
Ms. Celia Reynolds SACS Reaffirmation Director/Vice Chair, QEP Planning Team (256) 765-4625
Ms. Jennifer Holt Smith Coordinator of Academic Advising, College of Arts and Sciences/Staff Representative 256-765-4639
Ms. Leigh Thompson Instructor, Librarian/Library Faculty Representative 256-765-4466

QEP Planning Team Responsibilities

  • To educate the university community about the nature and significance of the QEP.
  • To conduct research and examine a variety of information sources related to student learning at UNA to identify opportunities for significant improvement.
  • To lead the university campus community in the identification of an appropriate QEP topic ensuring broad-based involvement.
  • To obtain Leadership Team approval and campus buy-in for the QEP topic.

QEP Development Team Responsibilities

Once the topic is approved, a QEP Development Team will assume the following responsibilities:
  • To develop a written multi-year plan that is focused, has well-defined goals, includes broad-based involvement in development and implementation, has appropriate assessment strategies, is within UNA’s capabilities, and has the potential for significant positive impact on student learning.
  • To submit the completed plan for Leadership Team comment and approval.
  • To recommend potential outside QEP evaluators.
  • To complete the plan and obtain needed approval in time for submission to SACS six weeks prior to On-Site Review (Spring 2012).

To contact UNA’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Planning Team, click here.