Leah Whitten, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Secondary Education

Ph.D.    2011 Educational Psychology                              Auburn University
MAEd    2006  Business Education                                   University of N. Al.
B.A.      2002  Entertainment Industry Management         University of N. Al.

Dr. Whitten has conducted both qualitative (e.g., focus groups and interviews) and quantitative (e.g., survey) research. She has more knowledge and experience in quantitative research and a strong background in statistical analysis, though she does values both approaches and has a mixed method approach.

Project Title: The Future of Student Advising
Collaborators: Dr. Gary Stewart (Austin Peay University)
Project Description: This is an ongoing study exploring the use and development of “Netflix” style approaches to student career and course advising. The Degree Compass tool was developed at APSU and funded by the Gates foundation. It later was purchased by D2L and has begun to become implemented at Universities across the county. Initial studies were used to gauge student opinion of the tool.
Seeking Research Assistants: No
Seeking Participants: No

Project Title: IMPACT 80 and Excel Together implementation and classroom impact
Collaborators: Dr. Beth Sewell
Project Description: The purpose of the survey is to assess the impact of partnerships with local school systems in providing graduate degrees at a reduced rate to current teachers.
Seeking Research Assistants: Yes
Seeking Participants: No