The Shoals Symphony at UNA is pleased to offer our dedicated patrons an opportunity to join the exclusive Conductor's Circle, at a cost of $360 per person. Member benefits include:

conductor's circle
  • Tier I - Season Ticket: Each Conductor’s Circle membership includes a single season ticket in our premier Tier I seating area.

  • Parking Privilege: Conductor’s Circle patrons will have reserved parking spaces near each performance venue. You don’t have to worry about walking far distances or arriving too late.

  • Pre-Concert Lecture Seating: Members get reserved seating sections for all pre-concert lectures (a detailed schedule will be sent with your membership).

  • Pre- and Post-Concert Receptions and Meals: Conductor’s Circle Members get to wine and dine with Maestro Stevens at every concert! Each concert will feature a VIP reception (x4) or full meal (x2) throughout the season. Get a chance to interact with special guests, artists, and the conductor!

  • Travel to Meals: On concert dates that include meals, we will transport you to/from the concert hall. You are able to park hours in advance of the scheduled concert start-time, and we will give you a care-free travel and dining experience! The special trolley will have you back to the concert hall in plenty of time to find your seat, and you don’t have to fight crowds!