Alpha Kappa Delta

Alpha Kappa Delta Research Symposium

Alpha Kappa Delta - The Sociology Honor Society

AKD is an international sociological honor society first established in 1920 “to investigate humanity for the purpose of service” (Anthropon Katamanthanein Diakonesein). In 1982, the Theta Chapter of AKD was formed in UNA to encourage the scientific study of society as a tool for social progress.

Benefits of Joining AKD: Membership in a National Honor Society

  • A certificate that recognizes academic achievement and excellence
  • Job market returns – An honor and activity to list on your resume        
  • Interaction with faculty and friends in the globalized world of sociology
  • One year subscription to Sociological Inquiry

Criteria for Membership

  • Be at least a junior
  • Have taken at least 4 courses in sociology at UNA
  • Be an officially declared sociology major or minor
  • Have a sociology GPA of at least 3.0 at UNA
  • Have a 3.3 overall GPA

AKD Membership Fees

A $40 one time membership fee is required of all new initiates. Applications and fees are due by October 15 for fall semester memberships and by March 15 for spring semester memberships.

For More Information:

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