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Course Rotation Template

The Department of Sociology and Family Studies has created a Course Rotation Template which outlines when courses will be offered on-campus and online for the next two years.

Class Schedules

Click here to access the fall 2019 course schedule.


New student advisees are assigned to academic advisors by last name.

Students with last names beginning with A - Da will see Dr. Yaschica Williams.

Students with last names beginning with Db - Hen will see Dr. May Takeuchi.

Students with last names beginning with Heo - K will see Dr. Amber Paulk.

Students with last names beginning with L - P will see Dr. Andrea Hunt.

Students with last names beginning with Q - Z will see Dr. Alex Takeuchi.

Students Advising and Registration Instructions

Preregistration for Fall 2019 begin on April 1, 2019.   Given the high demand for sociology and family studies courses, preregister for courses as soon as you can.  Below find your preregistration schedule: 

Graduates/Seniors ----- Apr. 1 – Aug. 1

Juniors ----- Apr. 3 – Aug. 1

Sophomores ----- Apr. 8 – Aug. 1

Freshmen ----- Apr. 10 – Aug. 1

SPECIALS ----- Apr. 22 – Aug. 1 

To create your course schedule, simply follow the step-by-step instruction below: 

Step 1. Log in to your UNA Portal at:

            Access your own transcript and print that out.  Your transcript shows what courses you have already taken (and have transferred, if any).  

Step 2. See the current Undergraduate Catalog at:


Step 3.  Choose your minor/second major.

            The sociology major requires at least one minor or second major.  The most popular minors to go with the sociology major are Criminology and Family Studies.  Criminal Justice or Psychology is also a very popular minor (or second major) to go with the Sociology major for on-campus students.  If you are an "online-only" student, currently Criminology, Family Studies, History and Management are confirmed minors that you can complete entirely online.  (There may be other minors that may be completed entirely online, but you must contact the specific department directly to make sure if they offer the minor that can be completed entirely online.)

            To find what courses you need to take for the Criminology and the Family Studies minors, click on the appropriate links above or see p. 98 of the PDF version of the catalog.  For any other minor (or second major), see appropriate pages of this catalog.  For example, p. 96 of the PDF version of the catalog tells you what you need to take if your minor (or second major) is psychology.  Print out the relevant pages for your minor (or second major) and keep them handy!

Step 4.  Create a tentative list of the courses that you plan to take for the next few semesters.

            Using the sources of information listed above, figure out what you have left to take.  If you are a first-year-student, create a list of the GUR courses plus SO 221, SO 222 and SO/WS 223.  If you have completed both SO 221 and 222 in the past, take SO 310W next. 

Actually write down your “Courses-to-Take List” on a piece of paper or in a document file and print it out!

Step 5.  Find the class schedule for the semester you are registering for at

            Select the courses you need/want to take for Fall 2019 from the Fall 2019 schedule.  Be sure to pick courses that you need for graduation (i.e., courses you wrote down in Step 4 above). 

Step 6. Check out the next year of Sociology course offering schedules at Course Rotation Template

            *Remember! Not all sociology courses are offered every year.  Also, some sociology courses are offered online only during summer or every other year!  Be sure to take those courses as soon as they are offered, so you will not have to wait another year before they are offered again!

Step 7. Now, create your tentative course schedule for Fall 2019 just like the example below.


            Fall 2019 Tentative Schedule:

                        SO 221-03 Intro. Sociology (MWF 11:00-11:50) 3 credits

                        SO 223-I01 Marriage & Family (Online) 3 credits

                        CIS 125-I01 Business Software Applications (Online) 3 credits

                        EN 221-02 (TR 9:30-10:45) 3 credits

                        Total:  12 credits 

Step 8.  Finally, meet with your academic advisor!

            Your advisor can be found at by your last name.  If you are an online-only sociology major, your advisor will give advice in response to your e-mail that you sent with your tentative course schedule(s).  If you are an on-campus student, you may still need to see your advisor in person:  Make an appointment with your advisor for an advising meeting via e-mail.  *DO NOT USE YOUR PERSONAL E-MAIL ADDRESS!  Always use your UNA Portal e-mail address to communicate with your advisor.


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